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Summer Tips for Bowhunters

Bow season is just a few weeks away here in the Midwest. The food plots are planted, stands are hung and shooting lanes are trimmed. Now you need to make sure you and your equipment is ready for … [Read More...]


Never Forget

I'm JUST Sayin Yesterday the "4th" was tough. Attended the service for a friend, Walt Ketz. Met him in a Duck blind and he had uncanny timing, knowing when to call and when to shut up. Been … [Read More...]

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Rogue Nation…Looking Good

Rogue Nation promises to be the biggest hit of the summer as the Mission Impossible franchise rolls on. Off the top, I may not be a fan of Tom Cruise and some of his views on the world, but I have to give credit where credit is due he is a solid actor. Since the […]

Eric Church

Sinners Like Me – Eric Church [audio]

I wouldn’t trade growing up in the South for anything. Sure, living elsewhere I could have been exposed to the theater, art museums, and other cultured things found in metropolitan areas, but that would mean I would have missed out on the memories I hold dear. When I first heard “Sinners Like Me” it took […]

Lady A

Learning to Fly – The Cover

Lady Antebellum’s cover of “Learning to Fly” is possibly the best cover of any song I’ve ever heard. Not very often will I say a cover is in the same league as the original, but in the case of “Learning to Fly” I think Lady Antebellum took a great song from Tom Petty and improved […]