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Introducing Break-Up COUNTRY

Mossy Oak, the leader in camouflage gear, has announced its new innovative pattern, Break-Up COUNTRY. Over 30 years ago, Toxey Haas launched a small camo company in West Point, Mississippi. He did so … [Read More...]

Foggy Boots

Lessons Learned in the Mud

Having kids is a funny thing. Sure, they can make you bang your head against the wall some days, but they make you laugh, play, explore, and imagine again. They have a way of bringing perspective to … [Read More...]

Lagniappe (A little something extra)


Rogue Nation…Looking Good

Rogue Nation promises to be the biggest hit of the summer as the Mission Impossible franchise rolls on. Off the top, I may not be a fan of Tom Cruise and some of his views on the world, but I have to give credit where credit is due he is a solid actor. Since the […]

Eric Church

Sinners Like Me – Eric Church [audio]

I wouldn’t trade growing up in the South for anything. Sure, living elsewhere I could have been exposed to the theater, art museums, and other cultured things found in metropolitan areas, but that would mean I would have missed out on the memories I hold dear. When I first heard “Sinners Like Me” it took […]

Lady A

Learning to Fly – The Cover

Lady Antebellum’s cover of “Learning to Fly” is possibly the best cover of any song I’ve ever heard. Not very often will I say a cover is in the same league as the original, but in the case of “Learning to Fly” I think Lady Antebellum took a great song from Tom Petty and improved […]